Catan Junior

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It plays two to four players, rather than three to four. The new board is printed on both sides. One side for two players (new) and the other side is for 3-4 players.

Changes from earlier versions:

- new board
- 2 gold islands (old: 1)
- 5 life rings on the board (old: market)
- no Harbour tiles (old: 4)
- generally all Tokens (old: cards)
- resource pineapple (old: rum)
- new colours lilac and bright yellow (old: White and yellow/orange)
- parrot as robber (old: pirate)


Die Siedler von Catan: Junior is a junior edition of The Settlers of Catan. Players collect and trade resources in order to build things, gain more resources and score points. The first player to build seven warehouses wins.

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