Pre Order means that the product is not currently in stock and you must place your order.

Demand can be very high on certain items & frequently they can sell out completely via Pre Order before they physically arrive in stock.

Paid pre orders will always have priority. We prefer to accept payment as soon as possible on all pre orders. Full payment for a pre order will be required within 24 hours of release. If you cancel your pre order and payment on it has been made, we will refund the deposit in the form of "store credit".


Strixhaven prices for MEMBERS:

Prerelease Kit: $25***

Set Booster Box: $112*** (BAB Promo)

Draft Booster Box: $98

Collector Booster Box: $210

Commander Deck: $28

Japanese Set Booster: $160

***Avaliable at prerelese (April 16, 2021)