The Printed Meeple PREORDER POLICY - Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Preorder Request - When responding to a preorder request text you are only requesting a certain product/amount. Only when the preorder request is paid in full does the request turn into a guaranteed preorder.
If you are a store member then we have your card on file and you can authorize us in the preorder request response text to charge your card. This option offers the best chance of securing a preorder.
We process all preorders in time order. Due to demand, and response speed, we may sell out before your request can be satisfied.
Payment for a pre order will be required within 24 hours of release (close of business on 9-17 for prerelease and 9-24 for all other items) .
If you cancel your pre order and payment on it has been made, we will refund the deposit in the form of "store credit".
For clarity’s sake, if you request an item for preorder and choose not to pay for it up front then there is a chance we will not have enough stock to satisfy your request.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt prices for MEMBERS:

Prerelease Kit: $25 (available at prerelease, if you will be attending our prerelease event on 9/17/21 @ 7PM please let me know)
Set Booster Box: $112*** (w/BAB Promo, available at prerelease, 6 avaliable)
Draft Booster Box: $98*** (w/BAB Promo, available at prerelease, 6 avaliable)
Collector Booster Box: $210
Commander Decks: $28 each, please let me know which decks you want.


TEXT 817-333-9928 with your preorder request for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Include your name and the item and quantitates you would like.

If you would like to secure your preorder request please authorize me to charge your card on file. I will respond back with a confirmation once it has been processed.

I am limited to 6 set booster boxes and 6 draft booster boxes at prerelease.