Thank you for helping Slow Covid-19

At The Printed Meeple, we are committed to fight COVID-19 with all our efforts and resources. We used over a dozen 3D printers to produce protective gear to help combat the spread of COVID-19.  We produced over 2,500 shields and masks free to first responders and anyone in the medical field. We are very grateful to been able to be a part of that. We are grateful to all our friends and family that supported us, and continue to do so. 

We will finish our currently orders for PPE, after that we will no longer take new requests for shields or masks. We have used most of the materials needed to produce key parts of the masks and shields.

We made some changes to accommodate PPE production. We relocated our printers to the house to make it easier for us to comply with San Antonio's shelter in place order, and still be able to produce PPE. Our families have worked hard and played a large role in keeping production of PPE going. We now need to focus on getting our shop back in order to be ready for, and hopefully, getting back to business.

Once again we want to thank every one who was a part of this effort.