Commander (EDH) League Rules

Standard Fee: $6.00 and you pick any pack in Standard
Optional Fee: $X where X is $2 more for any premium pack. (i.e., $9.00 - Modern Horizons, $27.00 - Collector Pack...etc.)
 Rule #1 Play up to 2 league games a night (6pm - 10pm)
Rule #2 League games are timed. (6pm - 10pm) Any game must start 1.5 hrs. before close
Rule #3 Games play until finished.
Rule #4 Infect is not allowed.
Rule #5 Commissioner has the final say on rulings.
Rule #6 Have Fun!
To be handed out at end of the League: Mini-Trophy, 1 Bundle *(Prize Support is commensurate on how many players are in the league and will be adjusted accordingly by the commissioner)
All Participants get 1 Participation Booster Pack from the Booster Box
1st Place* 2nd Place* 3rd Place* 4th - 6th Place* 7th & 8th Place* 9th & Below*  
Trophy & Bundle 5 Packs 3 Packs 2 Packs 1 Pack 0 Packs  
  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place  
4 Man Pod 3 2 1 1 NA  
5 Man Pod 3 2 2 1 1  
These are points that players have at the beginning of a game. They are equal to the number of opponents a player has at the beginning of the game. These cannot be kept by the player! They must be given out to their opponents before, during, or at the end of the game. This is to encourage fun EDH politics as well as give the kinder spirits of the league a chance to shine!
 Barter Points:
                                                  BONUS POINTS
+2 Winning the game with life total less than or equal to 5
+2 Saving an oppenent from death (can only be gained once per game)
+1 1st person to destroy a creature
+1 1st person to kill a player
+1 Last person to die
+1 Playing your commander 8 or more  times
+1 Winning the game with life total between 6 - 15
-1 Taking beyond 5 minutes on your turn (penalized 1 point per minute over)
-1 Eliminating a player before their 4th turn
-2 any/mass land destruction 
-2 Attacking a player without life gain, 3 or more times in a row (unless only two players are left)
-2 Scooping (Unless an Emergency, commissioner will make a ruling)
                                                Infinite Combo
Infinite Combo Definition - any combo of 2 or more cards that can be repeatedly activated in a single turn)
-1 For NOT declaring to the table that you have played an infinite combo
-1 For each activation of the combo after 3 activation's on the turn you play the combo
-1 For each activation of the infinite combo after 2 activation's on each turn after the infinite combo
-2 For each player killed with an infinite combo (using an infinite combo to deal direct damage to a player)


The trophy is something that is being designed, printed and painted in-store. We are open to any suggestions. (We can do it here, we can print just about anything)

Below is a link to download the document we are working on.