Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic

Every Friday night at 7 p.m. we have a Draft. 

Want a way to play that offers a level playing field and lets you check out new cards at the same time? Then a booster draft may be for you. Unlike constructed formats, where you arrive with a carefully constructed deck ready to play, booster drafts allow you to build a deck from new cards as part of the game.

At the start of booster draft, each player opens a booster pack and picks a single card. Next everyone passes the rest of their pack to player on their left, each player then picks a card from the pack they just received before passing again. This process continues until all the cards in those packs have been drafted. Then each player opens a second pack, but this time, you pass the pack to your right. After all those cards are drafted, you do the same with the third pack, passing to the left again.

Once all the packs have been drafted, everyone builds a minimum of a 40 card deck from the cards they have selected. You may add as many basic lands, we provide the lands.

We play 3 rounds with a Swiss pairing system, unlike an elimination tournament, everyone plays all 3 rounds. The draft cost $15 per person. For prizes, everyone receives a participation pack for playing, then a pack for every round they win, a pod winner, will receive a something extra in addition to packs won.(Usually a 3 card promo pack).

We are at 13032 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio TX 78217.

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