EDH Commander League


Standard Fee: $6.00 and you pick any pack in Standard

Optional Fee: $X where X is $2 more for any premium pack. (i.e., $9.00 - Modern Horizons, $27.00 - Collector Pack...etc.)


To be handed out at end of the League:  

1st: Mini-Trophy, 1 Bundle

2nd: 5 packs

3rd: 3 packs

4th-6th: 2 packs

7th & 8th: 1 pack



#1 Play 1 official league game a night (6pm - 10pm)

#2 League games are timed. (6pm - 10pm) Any game must start 1.5 hrs. before close

#3 Games play until finished.

#4 Commissioner has the final say on rulings.

#5 Have Fun!

Points will be gained by earning achievements.

These achievements can be earned once a season, each achievement is worth one point.

 Win a game (can be earned every week)

  1. Control a permanent with 3 or more auras attached to it.
  2. Control 10 or more enchantments.
  3. Have 3 or more of your Constellation abilities trigger at the same time.
  4. Control an enchantment creature with an enchantment attached to it
  5. and an enchantment attached to that enchantment.
  6. Have 25 or more devotion to a single color.
  7. Have 4 or more cards escape your graveyard in a single turn.
  8. Control a Demigod and God of the same color.
  9. Control 3 or more Sagas.
  10. Target a creature you control with 4 or more spells in one turn.
  11. Have 30 or more or more creature cards in your graveyard.
  12. Control 3 or more permanents with ‘Temple’ in the name.
  13. Have an effect you control cause an opponent’s God to leave the battlefield.
  14. Generate 25 or more mana on a single turn.
  15. 1st person to destroy a creature
  16. Winning the game with life total less than or equal to 5
  17. Saving an opponent from elimination
  18. 1st person to eliminate a player
  19. Last person to die
  20. Casting your commander 8 or more times
  21. Winning the game with life total between 6 - 15
  22. Eliminate a player
  23. Control one of each type of permanent (all types of permanents)
  24. Get 200+ life
  25. Activate Level Up on a creature enough times to make it its strongest version
  26. Play with your hand revealed
  27. Do not play more than one spell each turn
  28. Play with your hand revealed
  29. Control at least 12 lands
  30. Control 1 or more permanents owned by each other player that started the game
  31. Deal 6 or more damage to yourself in 1 turn.
  32. Control two creatures whose total power is exactly 21
  33. Cast a spell or use an activated ability that causes 3 or more triggered abilities to enter the stack at the same time
  34. First player to have fewer than ten cards in his or her library
  35. Defeat a player by milling them
  36. First player to copy a spell or permanent of an opponent
  37. Cast your commander from the command zone 5 times
  38. Destroy another player's commander with your own
  39. Redirect any portion of non-combat damage or a spell directed at you to another opponent.
  40. Eliminate a player with commander damage. 
  41. Equip a creature with 4 or more equipment
  42. Win a game with an attack from a creature that has a power and toughness equal to 1
  43. Eliminate a player with an attack from a creature that has a power and toughness equal to 2
  44. Survive after being attacked for lethal damage 3 different times.
  45. Control creatures with a cmc of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
  46. Eliminate an opponent during other opponents turn
  47. Draw 10 or more cards in one turn
  48. Win a game by meeting a card “win the game" condition
  49. Kill a creature with 8 or higher toughness with combat damage
  50. Control at least one creature with 10 or more +1/+1 counters on them
  51. Control 8 or more non-token creatures of the same creature type
  52. Take control of a permanent that an opponent took control of from another opponent
  53. Control at least 40 different non-token permanents at the same time
  54. Have 2 or more extra combat steps in a single turn
  55. Control 3 or more Planeswalkers at the same time
  56. Control 5 or more non-land permanents that can generate mana
  57. Control a permanent of each color. A permanent of more than one color represents only one of the available colors. This point is awarded when the stack is empty
  58. Don’t take any damage or lose any life in a game
  59. Counter a board wipe
  60. Take control of an opponent’s commander
  61. Cast 4 or more spells in one turn
  62. Control 5 or more creatures with defender
  63. Destroy 100 or more creatures (During the
  64. Exile 100 or more creatures
  65. Summon 100 or more creatures
  66. Attack all starting opponents at the same time
  67. Have 80 cards in your hand
  68. Search your library 3 or more times in one turn
  69. Counter a counterspell
  70. Cast an X spell where X > 10 
  71. Kill a player with a permanent they own
  72. Kill 3 or more planeswalkers in one game
  73. Control a basic land of each type and a permanent of each color
  74. Kill a creature and reanimate it on the same turn
  75. Control another player's turn
  76. Kill someone during their upkeep
  77. Shuffle a permanent into its owner's library
  78. Take an extra turn
  79. Look at everyone's hand in a single game
  80. Control a creature with power/toughness greater than 20/20
  81. Block with a creature that was not in play at the beginning of combat
  82. Counter three spells in the same turn
  83. Control 5 or more legendary creature cards (with different card names) at the same time

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